The Material to the HAL Project by Randi Green

How to Begin?
I suggest that you begin by diving into all of my free materials. There you will get a feel of what it is I am working with, and what the HAL idea is about, among many other things.

Most of the work I do is for free. And I prefer it to be so since change takes time.

However, to really be able to go deep into the progression and rebuilding work, I have made materials that are a step build up, taking you by the hand from the basic levels of energy work and inner work, in the HAL Classes and the Future Human Project Courses. In my classes and courses, I focus on the positive, reforming and reconstructing side of the progression work. I want to give the tools to a positive exploration journey of self-responsibility and self-growth. That is needed to create the correct foundation for new ideas.

My Work Has 3 Branches
There are 3 branches of my work to be completed:
1) The Progression Work, or the Higher Awareness Lifestyle Material with books, classes etc showing how to develop ourselves so we get equipped people to change the world into its true settings. Few more books to come and then that is completed.

2) The HAL Perspectives, where I will amplify the attempts to make a better world done by others, by putting in a higher awareness to them. 

3) The HAL Business & Creational Projects with the purpose of creating a new way of doing trade, exchange of goods and services following the higher awareness lifestyle to make a new economy of HAL´ers making a better world for all.
My Website
Visit my website The Higher Awareness Lifestyle. where you find my books, the HAL Classes and the Future Human Project Courses, etc.

On Social Media
The HAL Blog: Read blog posts about health and ideas for the Higher Awareness Lifestyle.
The News & Information Blog: Additional Blog posts to the HAL Blog.
The HAL Perspectives Blog: Commenting on issues from our world.
The HAL Business Blog; Ideas for the Ones doing HAL Business.

On YouTube
The Randi Green YouTube Channel: A lot of good information is given there to the HAL Business.
The HAL Channel: Here I elaborate on many different topics related to the progression work.
The HAL Perspectives Channel: Commenting on important issues.

Read my books and get all the fundamental concepts and ideas of reality. You find link to them on my website. Do a search on the Internet, and you will find them too.

My Facebook Page, where I from time to time advertise new material.