Overview of all my material

I suggest that you begin by diving into all of my free materials. There you will get a feel of what it is I am working with, and what the HAL perception is about, among many other things.

Most of the work I do is for free. And I prefer it to be so since change takes time.

However, to really be able to go deep into the progression and rebuilding work, I have made materials that are a step build up, taking you by the hand from the basic levels of energy work and inner work, in the HAL Basic Class to the more advanced steps of information and in the HAL Advanced Classes 1-4 and the Advanced Energy Work Class. And then into the HAL Completed Classes 1-2.

In my classes I focus on the positive, reforming and reconstructing side of the progression work. I want to give the tools to a positive exploration journey of self-responsibility and self-growth.

In the HAL Extras you can add up the HAL Classes with the HAL Books, the HAL Club, a template reading (if you want) and HAL Coaching with me.

The HAL Books will provide you with the fundamental concepts and more.

Below links to all of my material
Visit my website The Higher Awareness Lifestyle.
Get the directions on how to begin the work, and how to study my material.

The HAL Blog: Read blog posts about health and ideas for the Higher Awareness Lifestyle.
The Secret Blog: Read about the template reading, the awakening process and much more.
The Randi Green YouTube Channel: A lot of good information is given there.
The HAL Channel: Here I elaborate on many different topics related to the work.
HAL Talks: For now only one interview, but planning more on various topics.
HAL Living: Get the 3 free e-books with lots of inspiration.

The HAL Books: Read my books and get all the fundamental concepts and ideas of reality.
The HAL Classes: Take the HAL Classes and get all that you need to know to do the work.

My Facebook Page, where I from time to time advertise new material.