Correcting Timelines

Now, as our planet is in the making of resetting the energies running the grids, fueling the organic form. That is happening, because the correct archetypes for the root races have been reactivated and reconnected to the three grids of our planet, running the energies of the 3rd, 4th and 5th cycle (or the energies of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension if you like that better).

And therefore, there will be a lot of correction of timelines in our template, pushing things to the surface to be cleared out. As this happens the inner worlds, we are part of, will probably wobble a couple of times in the process, pushing the energetic levels of our planet back and forth into the worlds we have left and the future negative worlds, we could have been part of - if we had stayed in the link up to the false time matrices.

We all have so much to catch up on to correct our progression journey to fit the original timelines. And yes, these are not pure and clear but at least they are not part of an artificial false time matrix but they are the ones that belong to our planet - again, under the old factions and control systems as I explain in the Souls of Humanity.

But the old technologies are dismantling, and we are doing the dimensional blend back to the original worlds, we once were part of. And no, not the Metaverse; that is energetically too far away from us still but at least it is the non-artificial and non-technological driven worlds, if we are cautious and choose these timelines without the offered alien technologies as the main thing to run our world.

As we were pushed into the artificial construction in 2011-2014, with a lot of false memories, information and new "background" material defining us - and putting us into the hierarchy of the artificial worlds created by the AI-Grey-Zeta-Reptilian-Military-Enhanced Human collaboration to create a new human species of hybrids, we were modified to fit the artificial worlds - on the inside of course. On the outside, we were doing business as usual and not understanding why everything around us, including the sky, suddenly turned Grey and gloomy. And this is what we now need to clear out, and free ourselves from. The post on being Impeccable shows what we need to do, so be able to fully free ourselves from these artificial worlds.

From that, those of us who chooses to do so, i.e. go the narrow path, we will go from there by aiming for the highest purity rate, the highest standards and the highest progression rate to be able to find our way back to the Metaverse of the original human races. We will use the progression spiral to do so and the conceptualization of how to work with energy, using the Principles, Rules and Laws to build the energy system that will spiral us up the progression spiral and back into the 6th density energy system. I tried to explain this step by step building in my HAL Books but of course, seen in the 2014 understanding and under the timeline LPU forms of energy systems - but the ideas are still valid presented in my books. Just adjust them.

Lots of things to be done for us, choosing the higher awareness of life, and the ability to truly be who we are. And lots to learn about energy, and the new ways that go with handling ourselves in the correct ways to be able to regain our correct energy system.

Pictures are from the Timeline Explorer Material - still needs a lot of editing to be correct, and I will work it over when the time is right.