So Much to Say....

There is so much I wish I could tell you. So much, I wish I could write out here - as we used to be able to do. But times have changed and we are in a different environment, while the new is in the making. We are in a wait out..... and much is unstable. These are the times, where we all are to be prudent in what we do and what we share.

Much is still uncertain and also because of that, I do not wish to amplify the things that will dissipate but are here for a while until they are not.

In the old days we used to write things in riddles, parables and stories made up to tell and give the needed information. Or put "tags" on the walls to show the where the meetings were. Today, we live in a digital-holographic-organic world. We are on the Internet most of the day. We are linked up to this multimedia of information and the world scene is playing out its games in the virtual realm.

Now, the challenges are afoot for all of us. In the ways we can handle. But first we need to see some changes in the political scene in Britain (in the making). When that is clear, we will know where this old power group will go with the new PM and Brexit. That will have ripples into the old power set up in Europe. Hence the long and difficult decision making.

The weather challenges, foreseen by AG in the 1980´s and brilliantly exemplified in the movie The Day after Tomorrow. A good re-watch to get what we will experience; the power play between the forces that want to prioritize the economy and the ones that want to take care of the world, and its natural resources. What will it be; the cold or the hot climate changes? Still in the making, but I go with fire......not a new ice age. It is easier to manage drought then a global freeze.

The US election and the campaign there. All signs to look out for. That will determine which power group that will continue their games on the world scene over there. The ones that want chaos to generate order? The follow up prophesied by The Simpsons (find it on YouTube) or the good old presidential type to ensure a similar environment we had in the 1980´s?

Much is in the making..... follow the signs. Follow the two fishes; we are yet not in the age of Aquarius even though many have attempted to seed that in. We are still playing out the age of Pieces. Much has to be completed before we can more on. What was seeded in one cycle has to be played out and completed before a new can begin; even if that means relooping and time delay to achieve the goals of the ones that came or ruled back then. And for the record; I do not look forward to the age of Aquarius as it has played out so far. Will humanity repeat the mistakes from the other races being here, in terms of the use of technology to develop their civilization?

Which will it be? The alien technological age of Aquarius and "the astrological age" control system implemented by the gods of heaven, or the original world set up of the ones that continuously try to encourage the natural progression and the big possibilities mankind still hold? The months to come will show us that.

In September, we will know.......