A New Perception and Purpose of Life

From the Future Human Project Course 1

In essence, we have forgotten why we exist. We need to remember what life is about and why we are here. For now, we are all caught up in a lower order social world, a lower order work world and a lower order organic world held up by inner and outer seemingly important things. All of which are distractions to make us lose sight of the real purpose of why we exist and do the human evolution.

The human evolution is not about gaining materialistic items, or earning more money. All of what most humans strive for are tools and belief systems to keep a control system running, imposed upon humanity. A control system implemented by lesser developed – in terms of progression not technologically - otherworldly humanoid races as part of a lower order otherworldly trade system into which our world has been incorporated. All for otherworldly purposes, for the upholding and the trade systems of these worlds, and not for the benefit of our world, or for the progression rate of our humanity.

Of course, we can do the progression journey and continue to do the lower order social things and participate in the lower order human world; working, living, developing materialistic things but all we engage in have to be from a higher order awareness and with the purpose to sustain life with what is needed and not what is desired to fill out gaps of emotional or physical needs. All, that we do, think and feel have to be under the Rules of Engagement and the Principles, as well as the Laws of Energy Utilization. I will explain these concepts in another chapter. Productivity and materialism, only done to generate more lower order work and workers, buyers and consumers using all resources to fulfil desires and not actual needs, are not the correct way of utilizing the natural resources of our world or the purpose of life.

We do not do the human evolution with the purpose of trashing our world in mindless consumerism, excessive and needless exchange of goods and services, and to participate in blindfolded materialism. That is the mindset of the lesser developed humanoid and insectoid races, indoctrinated into humanity to make us participate in their worlds, and to work for their needs.

Lower order human thoughts, emotions and actions lead to lower order choices and lower order creational energy. All of which diminish our world and what it could become, as well as what humanity could become. So, we have to remember our true human ways, why we create and work with the resources of our world, and why we interact and socialize with other people, as well as what the correct ways are for the true human existence.

The Perception of Life
To put it another way; the perception of life goes hand in hand with how humans perceive themselves. If they are having the lower order human experience, then that is what life is about for them. It is the set up for most humans. And few gives it any second thoughts: the lower order life is to get an education, a job, a house, a spouse and then top it with children. When that is achieved, life then becomes about other materialistic things, such as vacations, good experiences in some sort of entertainment and social networks. That is the “good human life” that will make most humans grow old with the feeling of having achieved what life is about.

Approximately 80 years of materialistic and organic production, and to some extent the psychological journey to be the good spouse, worker and parent, doing what is needed to become that within the current belief systems of humanity. But that is about it. Using this life, in the form we have got, for that. Blindfolded and unaware.

No, we have to regain the big visions for the future generations of humanity and the responsibility each and one of us have, as part of the future of the human race. Each and one of us are part of our race, and what we do, affect our race as a whole.

Should our perception of life not be that all of our work, our children and what we build into our lives, are to aim for a better future for all humans and not just for the sake of work, money and materialism?

The Purpose of Life
Now, that lower order worker and consumer mentality is not why we are here, and why we live. That came in with the lesser developed otherworldly humanoid races some 15.000 years ago, altering the human form into its current state as a lower order race. So, let us change that and renew our perception of life with the true version of what a human is and what the purpose of life is. And that is not to get to heaven, nor just to make a good life for ourselves in this world, in all of its materialistic and technological forms.

The purpose of life in our solar system is to do the consciousness progression, exemplifying the higher order awareness into all forms of human vessels this solar system, and its realities, can provide. It is about developing what we are, in all that we are, via the solar system reality fields, also called worlds, expressing various forms of life, energy and consciousness.

The goal of all consciousness progression is therefore to develop all what we are into higher and higher versions of what a human can become, mastering the organic vessel and the reality it is part of, as well as the energy system that is behind the organic vessel, and doing the conscious development of the template – via developmental programs - attached to the energy system, consisting of sequences of consciousness units.

The goal of all conscious evolution is to manage and develop all these levels of what a human is, in worlds consisting of a diversity of energies and timelines, part of fields upon fields of energy units ordered in grids, called Time Matrices. Consequently, each reality field has its own version of a Time Matrix consisting of fields in sequences of energy units, called grids and timelines.

We live to develop our organic vessel to be able to hold more and advanced forms of energy, so that our energy system can hold the higher order sequences (coding) of energy in its composite fields, and from that develop our template into being able to hold the higher awareness consciousness units, allowing us to move into the higher order realities within the Time Matrices generating the various higher density worlds. Developing ourselves from lower levels of energy in the organic vessel and its energy system by conscious and disciplined integration of consciousness units from the template into the mind-field and the heart field.

And when we are able to master the template and the energy system, we are equipped to continuously change and develop the organic vessel to different cellular energetic functions, unfolding new heights of perception, knowledge and capacities. The progressive adaptation of our organic vessel and its energy system is done with the purpose of enabling us to become what we need to be to create, unfold and complete the creational projects, we choose to participate in or generate.

The creational projects are chosen with the goal of mastering the energies of the reality, we currently are part of. And we do all of that, as the first of many and for the highest good of the many.

Because, everything that we do is aimed at creating a progressive world for all using the highest levels of consciousness, we can muster, within the framework of the Principles, the Rules of Engagement and the Natural Laws of Energy Utilization.