5/23/2019 - A Total Pull Out?

What are the latest news, now that we have reached week 21 and thus the final week for the setup of 2019 is being laid.

If I am getting is correct, a lot of the real aliens are pulling out of all their human projects in these days. Wiping and clearing out, as they go (probably leaving a lot of trash behind).

Now, what do I mean by real aliens? I mean the ones that fly in crafts and have organic forms. Not the holographs, i.e. the ones you see inside your head and have conversations with promising you all the goods in the world to keep you hooked to these programs. These cover about 90% of all human to alien conversations done in either regression or via the human seeing and sensing these beings. An example is the guide programs, where a human has a guide connected to them. Most of these are Grey projection technology utilized in the Fairy-tale hybrid programs where the human has got Grey-part insectoid-part avian genetics inserted in the brain and heart field to produce the correct energy and mindset to see the guides and follow the advice of the guides in visions (affecting the heart field with the melting heart; a simple frequency manipulation). This is a smart way to get a human to follow ideas and consent to them. And it keeps the human in the delusion of love and light, under the 4th dimensional realities, and prevents the human – that could wake up due to the inserted active genetics – to never really get the usage of them that fuels these worlds.

All in all, holographic delusion technology is a projection technology linked to either parasitic insertions in the 4th to 5th dimension, fueling false time matrices or “in the chair” dream time illusions, all with the purpose of producing genetics for the otherworldly humans. These technologies are still for humanity to discover and clear out, as in learning to control their mind and emotions, and in that understand what they are and why they feel, think and believe as they do.

The understanding of the otherworldly humans covers the why our world is in the primitive state it is in and has been for over 15000 years. The case of the otherworldly humans is still unresolved. The otherworldly humans are humans like you and me but in an advanced state dating back to the take over 12500 years ago – retracted to safe zones from where they made agreements with the alien invaders, and they are the majority of powers that keep humanity in the state they are in. Meaning, they have not worked against the alien infiltration but sold off to protect their own kin and projects here.

Once humans discover that…. I am awaiting that day. As one of the scientists once said to me: “It´s easier to create an illusion of a reptilian, fighting this one in visions, than the fact that most of the harvesting done on humans, are done by their own species.”

Humanity will have to use the Balancing Principle when they discover that, i.e. do onto others what they have done unto you. The correct use of energy and power. However, you have to be honorable to be able to throw the first stone as mentioned in one of the gospels where the crowd wants to stone a women, and the figure Jesus (as a character created for the narrative to give off the understandings of the Principles) says: “Only the ones that can claim to never have done anything wrong, have the right to throw the first stone”. This means that you follow – to the dot - the highest purity rate, the highest standards and the highest progression rate to be able to claim the upholding of the ancient laws – otherwise its just eye for an eye, and that leads to transgression in both. Transgressing leads to a lower position in the progression spiral and lack of energy to utilize to create. Eventually into oblivion and evaporation.

Lots have to be discovered and understood in the years to come.

With the last of the alien invaders gone and their usage of humanity to produce whatever they needed to continue their worlds, my assessment is, that that will take away at least 60% of all the utilization of humanity and that will have different effects on the ones, who can and want to remember who and what they used to be. To name a few examples I have got from my work over the last 12 years I have been working with the freeing work of humans inside and outside our known reality – I have retired from that work entirely now, to focus on the productive rebuilding work of new ways to be humans. But here goes:

In my book Understanding the Old Stellar Souls, I write about the templates that got dropped here during the different wars, or got brought here as part of an enslavement program, as prisoners of war, under the Overlords (scavengers) and other similar – under the Orion controlled worlds – races who have been operating here. I am not sure if these templates will get freed of their seal of enslavement, and if they are capable of activating. Many of them used to be fine soldiers in other worlds, fighting to free their worlds from the infiltration and infection technologies that took out the progression worlds one by one.

These humans have, aside from the seals of enslavement, at least three major control snakes attached to them, controlling their LPRF1-LPRF3 levels of their template, making it pretty hard to get to the “real them”, so to speak since all three snakes are controlling every aspect of this human.
The three snakes are 1) the ego-parasite keeping the human in the base program and wanting this, 2) the chaka-system naga aka higher self and 3) the black cobra directing these humans into the false time matrices, if they wake up to this level, where they think they are part of higher worlds, or benevolent programs etc.

All while they are producing a lot of dark goo, which is the residual that comes from the parasitic influence in these humans, taking down their energy system and keeping the heart and brain fields shut down. The dark goo is the environment from where the smaller deceptive dark snakes arise, and grow into the brain and heart field, and link the human up to the LPRF3 deceptive technologies, manipulating the mind and emotions of these humans into believing they are doing a stellar activation. The dark goo can only be seen clairvoyantly and thus it is difficult to see, if you have not got the LPRF3 sight (5D and up). The goo influences the sight and thus shuts the higher awareness down. All they see is light. An evil catch 22.

Of course, these proud freedom fighters are kept dormant in delusional ideas of what they are, because being dropped here could have led to a total taking down of the confinement, our world was turned into some 12500 years ago under the Omicrons and Niburians. However, these soldiers are fine producers of energy and genetics, and thus they have been kept in production. Unfortunately, most of the humans having this template today, have no clue of what they are and aside from the snakes controlling their minds and emotions, they are also highly infected with 4th dimensional attachments, such as ants and other similar “bugs” keeping them down in energy. Most of these old warriors only want to live the normal human life, which is the punishment for a freedom fighter having taken out many reptilians and evil forces; being shut down to a worker only wanting status quo. You have to “enjoy” the irony of the hijackers and their clever punishment methods. All of these punishment technologies are using the holographic reversal genetics, making the human be everything opposite to what they used to be.

Another example is a Sirian A priest from the later stages of the old worlds, having been used to hold great power and turned against his overlord to gain more power or something. The punishment for that priest – for his betrayal against his overlord – would be to become a healer or servant of humanity in may lifetimes, doing the service of the workers and breeders, while energetically be in torment on a higher level, observing and not being able to undo the reversal. These are in essence the genetics inserted into the nagas. So, a freedom fighter would be turned into a worker being content with that instead of rioting. A Sirian A priest into a Naga in a new age shaman with no clue of the real use of energy but instead being deceived to use the energies provided by the insectoids attached to the shaman or healer. A true agony for the naga (hence the constant tries from the higher self to reason with the human).

Lots of sad stories there – punishment on three levels. The cobra is of course also an Atlantean dark reptoid-human that did something and thus is being magically kept in that state of being, or some dark Orion warrior that did not obey the rules of his own system and thus was dumped here, as part of an enslavement technology set up. So, how to deal with these in the activation process? Of course, when I was doing the freeing work, I did all I could for these creatures but most of them weren’t really eager to let go of their human, knowing that they had no-where to go to other than a do-over, and thus the problem for the real soul there, being controlled by three other impostors. And the human, often deeply soaked into the new age teachings or the base program, denying the possessing entities in them.

Then we have the ones that used to live here before the taking over. The avian-humans, the reptoid-humans and the mammal-humans. Peaceful races. Due to the scattering of their templates inserted into many other-timeline clones, to fuel the different 4th dimensional realities, their templates are now insectoid looking due to the usage of the lower leveled races. Not much progression potentials there. Insectoids only want to breed, work and sustain themselves.

Few of the original humans retracted to inner and middle Earth as pure energy system and template beings, leaving behind their organic vessel. What they did not take into consideration was the re-cloning and the re-engineering of their organic DNA by the hijackers. These are the foundation of most of the animal forms we have today. The majority of the inner and middle Earth original humans have pulled out and returned to their own systems. This will of course have a long-term effect on the animals on our planet, and as our world change so will their organic forms. The remaining ones from these worlds, will seek to humans that understand what they are and as time goes by, animal and humans will learn to live side by side in the correct ways again, and then perhaps these remaining animal-humans will grow the energy system to be able to regain their original human form. That of course, demands that our world turns totally 4th dimensional to 6th dimensional because a flying human has not been seen here for a long time, right? But a bird can still fly because it knows the correct dynamics of the higher levels of our reality.

The humans on the ground will have lots to learn. And lots to let go of. The base program setup is not what we are and could be. It all has to be transformed and new ways of being human have to be developed by the ones that understands how energy and consciousness work together and that low-leveled mind, desires and wishes, will lead our world into an overproduction of distortion energy. This solar system is built to unfold progression, integration of higher developed genetics using energy, evolution, higher knowledge, higher sciences of evolution and expression of true life, and the ways humans live today – all inclusive – produce energies that are violating the original Principles, Rules and Laws of our world. We can say, to make it a bit easier, that humanity do not know what they are been doing due to manipulation, and that could be used as an excuse – it was used 2000 years ago. But with the real aliens pulling out, and their different worlds closing down, we are left with our own world. And nothing to keep it running.

Will humanity rise to the occasion or will they continue their ways of destruction?

That is going to be an interesting process to observe in the next 50 years as our solar system gains more and more of her original energies back, and thus begins to unfold the true purpose of all of the worlds we are part of.