The Wave of Changes

In my work over the course of time, beginning a long time ago, there has been the every month ongoing discussions with the Powers that be. 

Now, who are the Powers that be? 
1) They are hybridized and enhanced humans being developed, as part of the "top human hybridization programs" over the cause of time to administer the "lower leveled" human projects inside the currently known perception of our world.
2) They are part-human of the original Pre-Egypt human projects and part-alien.
3) They have lived for a very long time, calling their faction the Brothers of Metusalem or the Ancients of Days. Some of them refer to themselves as the Originals. They are the hidden government of the world, so to speak.
4) They live in an adjacent realty similar to ours but with the full capacity and technologies we should have had implemented here too. It is a sister world to ours.
5) From this higher dimensional world, everything in our world is controlled and administered. 
6) They have been administering all technologies and old programs halting any progression in our world. 

What are the Human Projects?
1) The first human project was an attempt to seed a new race of higher ability humans with a full awareness of all 12 universes, which joined the projects. Not the 12 stranded humans - these are the Military Project Crystalline Alien set up (destined to fail) - but the 12 universal composition of 144 different highly evolved and peaceful races, having learned from the past. Goal: the True Human. The 1-7 lineages hold the 144 genetic composition of all 12 universes. The female leader of the 7th pillar has been released from her dark magically infused imprisonment in the lowest grid of the Underworld, allowing the full clearing up of the other 6 levels in the ancient 1-7 grids generating the Underworld. She took off and went back home in March 2019, completing the transgression rate of the 7th pillar. No more Gaia. She is freed and with that the top of the perverted female consciousness. The 1-7 lineages can now clear their templates on an individual level.

2) The second human projects were the refugee & restoration programs from all over the 12 universes, with the attempts to restore the fully aware humans (first seeding) after the contamination of the first worlds due to the timeline event. These are the 2-8 lineages. Lots of lost souls came from these projects and they have been the majority of souls being released 2017-2018, by rebuilding the original blue sun and the field of blue flowers, which is the double pathway out of the Underworld. With that releasing of the entrapped souls (and organic forms) in the Underworld it was possible to repair the deepest racial grids of our world, reconnecting our world to the core facilities again. This releasing work also made it possible to undo the allowances of the avian-human lineages working with the dark forces, i.e. the Gregorians or the 10-4 failed lineages running all known concepts of religion and spirituality, under the three old dark true humans from the original projects of the 9th, 10th and 11th pillar. These three leaders are now gone and all of their replicates. They date back to the original group of humans in the work stations. They were the top of the Enhanced Humans - the CEOs if you like. They are now gone, including all their technologies and control systems such as the Minotaurians perverting the male and female consciousness from the Underworld. All dark AI work stations linked to these programs are gone in the 8th dimension, including their blue-black AI Ants and dark Plasmoids. The 2-8 lineages can now clear their templates on the individual level holding these technologies.

3) The third attempt of the human projects was the failure of Atlantis and the infection that hit the different projects here due to insertion of holographic technology and genetic manipulation, generating the infection, i.e. the polarity forces. The idea was to be able to undo past timelines and transit the genetics from these into the at the time human form, to rebuild its capacity. These are the 3-9 lineages and the 5-11´s. These lineages failed - mostly due to the Lunar Scheme and their resistance to the changes. The Resistance generated the Atlantean Dark Council, which have been highly involved in halting all progression here since Atlantis. The Dark Atlantean Council and their warlocks are now gone being released this Easter 2019, completing the work from last Easter 2018, i.e. the closing down of the Lunar gates, grids and remaining factions. The technologies of Atlantis have been restored as well. The Golden City stands again, and with that healed, the Lemurian Cities can rise again in the 1-7 timelines. The 3-9 and 5-11 lineages can now clear their templates on an individual level.

This work clears out the oldest collective levels of our reality, i.e the ancient alien programs and magic perverting the female and male consciousness. The perversion and sexualization of the female and male consciousness were done to take away our ability to link up to our soul, making women on this planet breed children, and men being focused on working, instead of working with the true concepts of life. 

This Easter, the old Pleiadian Councils working the Atlantean Dark Brothers, took off too, i.e. the 12 ancient male and female Pleiadian humans and their technologies etc, are gone and the original Pleiadian White-Golden Elder strands have been restored, allowing for the females on our planet to regain their true inner knowledge sciences of the soul. When that happens, it allows for the original Golden-Blue Sirian Male consciousness strands to be completed and cleared of their dark Atlantean-Sirian components. With this the true male consciousness will begin its healing process too, allowing for the males on our planet to activate the true heart and brain fields. Humans will again begin their true work here, once they learn to administer the Unity-Diversity consciousness again. 

4) The fourth and last seeding from the ones attempting to heal the 12 universal human project was in Pre-Ancient Egypt under the Sirian As, the remaining Pleiadians, and White Orion Elder Races, collaborating with the, at the time non-infected 10-4 lineages. All deflected and joined the Opposing Factions withing their own system and sold of their human projects to them - i.e. the foundation of the Military Projects under the Dark Orions, dating back to Ancient Egypt.

5) Current day human projects began after the takeover of the Alien Races some 15000 years ago, re-engineering the fourth seeding into a breeder and worker races to be placed into different human worlds, or jurisdictions called "countries". Each country in our world is administered by one of these Alien factions, having placed enhanced humans in separate realities to oversee the human projects, seeing both the Controllers/Overseers aka the Enhanced Humans and the humans there as their rightfully contracted portion to utilize for whatever they need them to play out, in order to keep up trade contracts with otherworldly races, in exchange for life-prolonging technology, genetics and power in this world. Many of these Alien Factions are still operating here, and visit our world in cycles to harvest and get their assets. The link to these Alien Factions are the Enhanced Humans and thus the importance of making the Powers that be change their mind and back up the original project idea here. And for now, the Enhanced cannot really see what is in it for them. 

However, the core facilities are up and running and the grids are being infused every day to fuel the ancient racial grids from the original work stations with the energies of the 1-7, 2-8, 3-9, 5-11 and 6-12 genetic lineages and it is just a matter of time, before the original true human technologies will come back to life too, activating the grids of the original worlds. From this, the original densities of the old true human grids and worlds will be running from inside and out. And because of that it is only a matter of time before the repair and clearing work, having been done, will affect the outer world human projects since they all, and all of their lineages and templates, are part of the original racial grid work running subconsciously in all humans. And with the Astral Barrier (AB) down - it is going to be easier for humans to begin new ways of thinking and being. The AB Cubes got taken down the other day, running the old AB programs with the purpose of keeping humans in a low order mindset. New liquid light holographic pillars have been created to infuse all teaching institutions, health, sciences, military and similar constitutional facilities in our world, generating nodal points for the core facility teachings and sciences. When the humans are ready, they can begin pulling in these sciences in their daily work, generating new ideas of thought and being.

All, in all: The ancient technologies and their attached holographs, souls and Greys, etc controlling the collective consciousness of humanity on the oldest levels of our reality, have been cleared out, beginning with the Interactive Simulation Program (the programs inserted with the purpose of pulling our world into the Grey hybrid worlds, aka "the Event") under the Maintainer Greys in 2016, put there to administer the Human Projects automatically, and ending with the full clearing of the large administrator cubes upholding the Astral Barrier. Now, humans can begin their individual work to clear out and regenerate their energy systems, and from there reconnect to their template level and consciousness genetics. Humanity is the last big piece that stands in the way of their full capacity.

The Human Projects have been run on technology on many levels. From dreamtime to the work places. All administered from cube infused control systems in the 4th to the 12th dimension. Allowing only certain perceptions, thought forms and sciences of reality to be utilized. Every house, building, bench in the park, the cow on the field, the tree on the ground, the cat in the garden, the human that passes you, the car that drives pass you are part of the huge control program - not the Matrix - but very advanced alien interactive holographic programs based upon the technology dating back to Atlantis and the first human projects. These Master Cubes were positioned in the original dimensional set up of our world and are controlled by the ancient true human genetics. They hold specific self-annihilation code systems and once that is revealed it is easy to take them out. 

Humans to this day have been a highly controlled race. Their emotions, their thoughts, their dreams, their subconscious. All was controlled by cubes and programs. Re-engineered in the Military Projects going on from the 1950´s and onward, attempting to generate a 12 stranded human supporting the genetic supply of the remaining races of the failed worlds. Humans, inside this world under the control from inside, renewed the contacts with the ancient failed races, although the time was up back then. They got tricked into selling off the human projects once more. Now from inside this reality as it has always been the plan - once the contamination was gone, or under control, humanity was to rebuild and get reconnected to the universes out there. The Enhanced Humans and the Military Personnel in America and England made sure that would not happen. Mostly due to lack of knowledge, and fear.

The remains of these contracts have been cleared and with that, clearing the Military Projects as programs and their otherworldly holographic facilities - allowing for the Maintainer Greys to keep them running, including putting the old Zetas from these projects out of commission, and escorting them to the gates, removing their prerogatives. Some of them are still here due to the allowances of the Japanese Brotherhoods under the Green Dragon, but as the Japanese citizens learn that the robot-transhuman path is not in alignment with their ancestry and their original genetics, they will leave these programs behind and begin the true sciences they are destined to unfold. A new line of work with the people of Japan will begin around 2021, as this country is getting ready to reset. This will happen because the Japanese people reside on a vary important vault line. They will be proud of themselves again, and honor the true old ways they were seeded to administer as part of the original construction. When this happens the remaining Zetas have to go. And there will be no Greys left to maintain their programs and technologies, since all is cleared of their work stations in the 3-9 realms. 

America will get over the 2001 timeline that had to play out, to clear the 2-8 contamination - reactivated in the 9/11 event. The activated 9/11 timeline connected the grids of America to the Underworld and the ancient grids of Mesopotamia (all terror actions done by the 10-4 infused humans are part of the plan to link humanity up to the failed worlds under these regressed avian-human races, using religion as the platform for this), and the highly underworld magically infused powers and lost souls, running Americans to this day, will subside. The gates of Mesopotamia and the evils they held, are subsiding and will go, once humanity let go of all religious concepts. The American soldiers having been used in Iraq and similar locations have all been infected with the contamination, carrying the shadows of the Underworld back to the States, keeping the soldiers linked up to horrifying planes of the Underworld even after having been declared off-duty. The contamination is the root cause of the PTSD, keeping the ones suffering from this stuck in a terror-no-empowerment-horror spiral. In other words, they are battling in Underworld Wars in dreamtime. The soldiers got contaminated, in spite of attempts to vaccinate with alien technology (nanobots). Because of that, the contamination, including the already transgressed acts when the Enlightened Brothers went to the New Land of Milk and Honey (the Founding Fathers of the NOA) and their acts to remove the original population - continued in the Military Projects using both soldiers (and their families) and the original population as the first time-travellers to reverse and re-engineer the genetic lineages of the Americas, and in that allowing for the ancient dark Altantean lineages (the Enlightened Brothers) to be in the America, although it technically is a country belonging to the Pleiadians and their human projects aka the original inhabitants with the same genetic root as the one found in Australia, dating back to the 2-8 and 4-10 lineages. The descendants of the Founding Fathers (pro-active for the human projects to evolve back to their original composition, i.e. the White Hats) are working to get new leadership and political environment in the Americas, as well as undoing the acts of the past. Some of you, over there, will have to release the lost souls of the invasion from the Enlightened Brothers and what they did to get access to America, being able to exist there - I write about that in Souls of Humanity. The lost souls of Atlantis that came to America, as part of the slavery, have been released years ago. These were brought there to enable the Atlantean Dark Priesthood to fully exist in America, as the European strand was not enough. That releasing was possible due to the election of Obama. All political front figures have an energetic-genetic function. They are not elected by humans in our world. They just enact what they have been programmed to do.

Europe is facing a lot of clearing work, as Britannia will undergo her convulsions from the old forms of imperial male mindset, controlled by the Draco lineages and their gridworks. The last of the original Dracos, dating back to Mesopotamia, allowed here by the Nibiruans and their lineages. The Niburians were working with the Dracos (the pole star at the time was Draco). They are gone since the three CEOs allowing them to be here are gone. With them gone, also the doom and gloom weather modification using chemtrails to dim down the rays of the sun, shutting down all attempts to activate the original heart triangle to absorb the energy of the sun, needed to activate the full heart field capacity. With them gone and the reactivated, and restored, original Sirian-Pleiadian Elder strands it is now possible for all humans to rebuild their heart field.

What I am saying; all allowances, prerogatives and trade agreements enabling the Ancient Alien races, I know of, to work here have been cleared. All of these were once part of the original work stations. Including their insectoid, avian, reptilian and mammal archetypes, programs, technologies and templates, which have enabled them to enter our system. 

All of this work has been done in the 1-7, 2-8, 3-9, 4-10 and the 5-11 dimensions, excluding, clearing and removing all remains of the old projects. Only few cubes are left to run these ancient programs of which most current day Aliens have NO idea of. Which is why all of their projects here have failed. Whatever they have shipped off world are now in a state of deterioration, and they are left worse than when they began their harvesting and production of genetics here. Simply because the foundation of all humans today is based upon a genetic 2-8 contamination and an 3-9/5-11 infection, run by cubes that were still actively fueling these genetics. As the cubes and technologies have been taken down, as well as their template storage in the core facilities, and the souls stuck in the grids, upholding these genetics as part of our reality - now gone - all genetics part of these programs will begin to deteriorate. 

The genetic DNA foundation of all humans, including clones, have to be purified. The 2-8 contamination and the 3-9/5-11 infection is seen in the presence of the subconscious and all of the shadow dual entities that are generated there. This contamination fuels the subconscious and affects the emotional field, generating the scale of human emotions that were controlled by the Astral Barrier. As this is down, humans will have to relearn to administer their emotional and body fields to its highest purity rate. That will hit us within the next 2 -10 years.

The infection is seen in the ill-mindedness in humans unfolded on an every day basis, in selfish choices and behaviours. For self-preservation, and desires to get more, be more or just to stay in oblivion and do nothing. The procrastination and the choice not to evolve consciously, are also signs of infection of the mind.

As the Frequency Fence goes down - in the making - and the Alien Holographic Interactive Programs (all the ones promoting "what is really going on here" in a negative way, enforcing the evil we are trying to clear out by planting information making people focus and energize all evil in the worlds) and the weather programs (in the making too because the Maintainer Greys and the Control Center for these have been cleared), humans will learn to administer their brain field again. Observing their own self-responsibility for thought and ideas. Not to promote evil and all the worst things in the world, but making the choice of generating the brain power into new sciences, new ways of being humans that will benefit the highest good of the many. Seed in new ideas that will make us choose the optimal one-on-one approach in all of our meet ups, learning to administer all energies in each meeting and work we embark on. 

The Wave of Changes is coming...... the old technologies are gone and with that the room to move, the room to evolve and the room to begin anew for all human projects is coming our way. Now it is up to all capable humans to clear out what they hold of technology, genetics and energetic parasites so that they can utilize the generated freedom for the continued evolution of the highly aware human races that were supposed to inhabit this world. The true natives of our planet.

In this work, as an ending comment, the mess of the ancient races have been cleared. And in that allowing for the current and next generations of humans to unfold what they want to unfold; not being controlled by the past. Of course, the work continue to build the true human relative reality foundation of the next generations of the true humans, which will be seeded in 2135. But the foundation is being laid now. Once the old is gone, the new has to be seeded in.