What is 2019 About Energetically?

Now, to fully get our correction energies up and going in the next month - we need to understand what 2019 is about. 

Of course, on the level of repairing our world and the core facilities, its about the merging of the inner and outer realities. The false inner realities are reaching their end-game due to the ending of the seeding of the energies of the 21st century.

Now, what do I mean by that. Well. The first 21 years of the 21st century are almost to an end. And that will define how the full 2000-2100 is going to play out. 

This century is the 100 years of judgement. Sounds a bit horrible due to the Biblical connotations to it, but it is what has been alluded to since the resetting of the old cycle built up, to first the Roman Calendar and then to the Julian Calendar, messing up the original timelines into an outer false dating. Now, I am not talking about the Lunar Calendar here although that was the dating of time in the 3rd root race, but the one that got adapted from the 4th root race of Egypt and Mesopotamia, and inserted into the false timelines of today, being birthed with the Julian Calendar.

E.g. March is both a 1 month to reseed, following our astrological chart on a personal level (added with two "false signs" of January and February), a 3 month where we create the architecture for outer changes we want to do this year, following the seeding we did in January to be unfolded in April and onward, and a 6 month, where choices to the seeding we did in October on our higher progression work, should be reconsidered - all due to the energies of 2019. 

Now, I cannot just leave it there with the claim of two false signs but the original zodiac - following the oldest settings of our solar system - did only have 10 signs. Aquarius and Pisces were added later on with the false timeline set up (yes, all claims here on my behalf due to what I remember). And actually there are voices today trying to add in another sign, the 13th or the Serpent. Of course, to allow for the Serpent-Reptile races to be part of our outer reality (not going to happen I hope).

As you can see here, time has been manipulated and messed up. Literally, to prevent you from following the natural cycles of energy, from which you can progress - inner and outer.

With this, we now understand that today we are composed of three levels, which are reflected in the numbers of the Rotundum. 
  1. The outer levels, following the dates of the year, from January to December.
  2. The personal levels, following the astrological chart from March to December.
  3. The inner consciousnesses level, following the months from October to September.
These three levels are shown in the sequences of the day - physical, emotional and mental - or energy, vibration and radiation levels. 

The calendars, or Rotundum is used to transform energy. So, the day and its sequence indicates what we can work with on all three levels. 
  1. The outer levels (our manifest world) to make changes that will free us from the base program.
  2. The personal (emotional field) to transform our emotional and behavioural patterns. 
  3. The inner level and mental field to be transformed to do the progression work to activate our template into this organic form by transforming our mind and heart fields to be able to carry the highest energies of our reality to enable our progression rate to come back in.
With this, we now understand that the end-cycle denotes the ending of the first 21 years from which we can make the profound changes that will allow us to complete this incarnation in the ways, we want. That will "judge us" the rest of this lifetime to set the purity rate (clearing of the Lunar energies in our organic form) the highest standards (clearing of the heart field of past lives etc) and progression rate (continuing or transforming the brain field energies) to create our vessel in the next lifetime - which will be under totally different circumstances - with the ways we conduct ourselves in this lifetime.

That is possible because of the end-cycles for the 3rd root races, and their alien alliances, which have been long overdue. They were to have left at the time of the re-seeding of the 5th root race, that happened in the years 550 BC to year 50, our time. You can now figure out, why the 3rd cycle factions changed the calendar to blur that they actually should have left. So, they bought another 2000 years under false settings, and these are for sure up now. No more allowances or prolonging. Their version of "earth" is gone and so is their grids here. 

Now, humans were not supposed to be "divided" into three levels of energy. Let us make that clear. And therefore our work is to re-unite our three fields into one. And this is the century to do so. 

In that manner, you can see the organic level to be part of the 3rd cycle, the emotional field to be part of the 4th and the mental field to be part of the 5th cycle. All a compromise from the ones that teamed up to continue their old ways here. That is ending now. And that will be reflected in the changes of our inner and outer reality setup in the years to come.

With that, you see that we have reached year 19 of the 20-19 sequence. And adding the numbers that gives a total of 21.

19 itself gives a 10 and a 1, so that is a new beginning or where we roll out what we have created from 2000 and until now. Completing that to be in-placed in 2020 into the progression spiral of the continued 4th and 5th root race set up. The 3rd phenotype of the 3rd root race will disappear.

Now, the 4th root races is supposed to end its cycle in 2025. These templates had their peak in Mesopotamia and Egypt from whence, they declined, and went into the 5th root race of the Western World. The rest remained in the original areas, where they were seeded, i.e. Middle East, Egypt, China and India to name a few of the old cultural high societies of the 4th root race. The 4th root race has clearly not completed and thus the "judgement" will be according to the level, they have reached. The 5th has not proven to really hit its peak yet, and thus also a judgement there for its continued existence in its current form. All part of the decision making of the Ones in the Know and their attempts to prevent the "failure stamp" of their overseeing of the 5th root race in their attempt to upgrade to stellar awareness collaborating with the Aliens.

When the 4th begin its going out of commission - the 6th root race is seeded in. That is the true human evolution that awaits us and this lifetime is where that happens, in the making to be unfolded in 2135. And we should decide this year, if it is a 1 - and thus beginning anew to live up to the challenges of the 6th root race to continue our progression journey there - or if we are to stick with the 5th root race trying to make that work, with the influences of this cycle and what awaits our solar system in these timelines.

2019 is where we make that choice with clarity. It is a huge decision to make and as it was in the times of the seeding of the 5th root race, a total break with the existing world and its makeup. 

But, we know what we are dealing with. We have got the information and should be able to choose. The Ones in the Know have played out their prospected year for us to choose from - if we want to go with their strategy - or the alien set up, having divided their templates into three phenotypes. 

Our progression work should be oriented from that knowledge, of where we want to go. Where we want to continue our soul evolution, so to speak. That is in essence what this year is about. The overall tone of it. Our inner soul searching, after having chosen whether we will continue in the 5th root race or enter into the 6th (you can stay in the 4th but then you are to do the full clearing work and move on), will define the personal work as well as the creational projects this year.

That will define our personal level. That is played out via the Principles, and which ones that are your main Principles to develop. That is why the Aliens have divided their templates according to dimensional setup. We define according to the Principles in our base field, heart and brain field to develop these to the progression that shows us. E.g. the mastery of the 3rd Principle in the base field will lead to the mastery of the outer energies in information, others and surroundings by the Law of Participation. The 4th in our heart field to learn to master the mirror effect of our emotional patterns, to transform these governed by the Law of Reciprocity and e.g. the 5th Principle in the brain field to obtain correct inner knowlegde by the Law of the Higher Order Sciences.

The work on the personal level (emotional and mental to transform the energies of the emotional and mental fields to become the heart and brain fields) this year, with the 3 main Principles shown, is thus to figure out what to develop this year, creating outer and inner strategies to reach the completion of the Principles shown to us in our inner work. These will be given to you to show you where you need to pick up to continue your progression work, and with that, the reinplacement into the correct root races and their futures here.

And from there, the choice of the root race to continue into, and the personal work that will come from that, is what the energies of 2019 is about.

January to December: The annual cycle to clear and develop the physical level.
March to February: The annual cycle to clear and develop the emotional level.
October to September: The annual cycle to clear and develop the mental level.

All to hit the highest progression rate of 2019.