Chaos Powers and Entropy

Okay - let me continue to poke to your world perception. Not to frighten you, but to shake you up a bit and from that - hopefully - you will consider the perhaps alternate version of the world, you think you are part of.

In the daily energy work, there are steps to be remembered. We tend to forget these things due to a too busy every day life, work and the normal human stuff distracting us from our progression work. 

In my opinion the human life - all of it - is put there to distract us from the true progression work to regain our original set up as an advanced race. Naturally, the human life has its similarity to the original realities, we used to have in this world (four of them) where we did work with plants, grids and the natural energies this world gives us. The Exploiters (Egypt by the Orion-Sirian Races) and the Enslavers (Mesopotamia by the Nibiru-Ba´al Races) could not make something that did not have an affinity to the original set up, and the already existing projects here.

Working with the energies of our surroundings is something I have begun on a bigger scale, now that I am here in Australia where all of the old energies are present. In Denmark, I have done that over the years, and my apartment and surrounding area work as the center point of my work in the other realities I am able to work in, and have obligations to work with due to what I am and why I am here. The humans living in my area are not part of that jurisdiction, since my claiming and adaptation of the grids and energy fields, are part of the 4th to the 12th dimension. In that way, it does not affect the "humans" living where I live, unless they for the day are being used to "vessel in" another dimensional lifeform ready to communicate or to be cleared out of its energetic-organic form.

What most of you do not know, is that it is the easiest thing to quantum tunnel a human, by shifting the template or adapt the energy system, into something else over night time, as well as generating holographic pockets from where other lifeforms can enter and become part of our world for a short period of time, using any human to do so or using the "time-and-space" fields to manifest their existence here in a higher dimensional setting only visible for the ones with the correct brain capacity to work in other worlds (which all humans here used to be able to do). Just, so that you are aware of this - not to be afraid but to adjust the perception that our world is "solid" and unchangeable. All can be changed in a split second since it is a world of holographic-other dimensional energy composed of energy units in a sequential field system to be altered and work with from other realities via technologies as well as via the higher consciousness capacities of the otherworldly races.

In Europe things are under the old Brotherhoods in the medieval settings (under the state and church in a split between the Mesopotamian enslavement system and the Egyptian exploitation system) and organized in a different way, and the energies of the reality are under control between the factions, which you of course have to battle before you get your jurisdiction to work in. The majority of other-dimensional creatures in the Western world are connected to the Minotaurians, the Dark Ones and the Egyptian Brotherhood factions going back to Egypt (I talk about these factions in the Souls of Humanity, writing the book while I was battling the European factions and their agendas).

Down here, things are wilder and under less control. Naturally, there is the same division between the enslavement and exploitation systems (the double Es), we have in Europe (and the Western world all incl) since the Brotherhoods also came to Australia under the Commonwealth but Australia is an older country than the isle of Europe. Europe rose after Atlantis, whereas Australia is part of the first colonies here. That allows me to enter deeper layers of my template to work with and to remember who and what I used to be in the first colonies and what I did in these areas of our world.

That has its challenges, of course, and I always wonder why I keep coming back. Especially after the first two weeks entering Australia, where I have to struggle with Brotherhood magic entering the airport and before I get onto the ground, old witch craft magic in the grids and the aboriginal energies as well and their coding of the grids. The first time is always full of magical attacks on a higher dimensional level, where all from the underworld is risen to attack me using the old symbols of creation to do so. Including all the f... nasty Niburians (and their Greys and technologies), Orions (and their Greys and technologies) and all of the other dark factions that have their stronghold here. They are in Europe too but the factions down here are not part of the ones I am used to in Europe, and since I go back to the first colonies here, these factions fight me harder than they do in Europe, where things are under more "civilized" control systems, so to speak - we follow the old order of things. The races down here do not. They play dirty. And they are not eager to negotiate and find collaborative solutions to benefit the highest good of the many. 

Then of course there are the insectoid energy all over the place with all of the hybrids that are present here and in the 4th dimension. A good example is the spiders down here. They are magically infused and often there is a demon or any similar underworld creature attached to the physical spider, so getting rid of these in our homes is a piece of magical work including getting rid of the attachment, the access point to the underworld as well as clearing out the 4th dimensional archetype, which you will see in the 4D as a huge spider that needs to be released. And no, insects are not natural to our world - the humanoid insectoid races in the 4th dimension have seeded in the physical insects into our grid and reality, using a cube controlled hive-mind structure, allowing them to exist here and then exploit us from the 4th dimension using the physical bugs to transfer their energy into our energy system in the 4th.

In essence, the old magic powers are under control in Europe and the West due to the Brotherhoods and their overtake in the Middle Ages (now only producing small devas, astral entities and distortion due to the false magical teachings that are put out there for the remaining Atlanteans to entertain themselves with - never getting close to any real control of energy, the true magic or the true powers they used to have in Atlantis - it is all decoy to enable the Dark Ones to access these humans so they dont have to have a stationary vessel in this reality), where as down here, things are still the Wild West in terms of old magic.

We have all learned that this world was generated from the chaos powers. That is part of all myths all of the lesser developed humans, under the double Es, have generated as a belief system into which the "gods" could take their place in the Mesopotamian pantheon (Niburians) and the Egyptian selection of god-men in different forms. We also know that in the early days of the two divisions of exploitation of the existing human projects in Ancient Egypt (12.500-8000 BCE) and the similar overtaking of the human projects in Mesopotamia under the Niburians and their Ba´al overlords, the "gods" wandered around the human projects to participate and enjoy the riches of the original projects. That was when our world was still part of the other dimensions, the 4th dimension as the lowest, and there these humanoid-humans could enter and exist in our world on their own conditions. Now, that has changed, of course, and we are today in a division reality between the remaining advanced human-humanoids still living here in adjacent realities and the current "human world". 

What I want to propose here, is that the "chaos" powers need to be taken into consideration in our progression work. We see it every day - if we are not on top of things they turn into chaos. Slowly but surely. Well. The chaos comes around because of the many energetic shifts we have over the day, every day. Every day our human world goes through different energetic bands to fuel the adjacent realities of the otherworldly races still operating in our solar system. They shift the band of energy using the Frequency Fence, or alter the grid energies using the underworld gates, as well as the gates of heaven, which still exist aka the portals into our reality from their worlds and into ours - using the old gateways in here. Naturally, humans are part of that set up following the changes in the mass consciousnesses to amplify the energies these races need to access, work and exploit the natural resources here (consciousness unit repair and recreation of energy systems to enable them to continue their existence). That generates a big mess in the natural evolutionary cycle set up of our world that is part of the progression cycles, meant to support our human evolution. Not counteract it.

So, we need to be on top of the shifts over the day to counteract them, which is why I have created the HAL Advanced Class 2 teaching about the Rotundum and how to detect the shifts over the day and in that adjust our energy system to it, so we are on top of the changes and clear out what comes with these. Because is we dont, our template is being used in a Mary-go-round to fuel their agendas, allowing their genetics (inserted into our template over night time, called a pulling in) to be grown in our daily existence doing the human life - unknowing of our hidden function to fuel these races and their needs in a division between enslavement (outer work systems and current world set up) and exploitation (inner energy and genetic harvesting).

Therefore, to get back on top of things and to free ourselves, we have to do our true progression work, as well as the clearing work, the battle, the fight and the claiming of jurisdiction which are all part of our new lifestyle. 

If we want to stand sovereign as a race, we have to claim our world and ourselves back first. Take a stand of the freedom fighter and advanced human, we once were, and then work to get it in actual encounters with these otherworldly races. Because as things are, they think that all that is here - including humans - are theirs to take to fuel their worlds due to old agreements with the Dark Ones, the Lunar Priesthoods in Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as the different alien races that took over our worlds, and then later on re-enforced by the stupidities of the military projects under the 1950´ humans continuing the Dark projects from the Nazis into the Western world.