Alternate History via Field Reading

One more time and I am back in the wilderness of the ancient country. 

It always amazes me. The country of Australia. Not only is it a beautiful country - not truly appreciated by its inhabitants having grown used to it - but it is also the wild west in terms of energy, imprints of the past and the ability to tap into the signature of the old human races, which once lived here.

Now, when I talk about old races I do not refer to the aboriginals. They came later on. I would estimate the aboriginals to be part of the human projects that arose some 12500 years ago along the rest of the indigenous people around the globe.

No, I talk about older human races than that. Advanced races, human-looking, if you count in blue to pitch black skin as a natural skin color for a human. In the old human systems here, these skin types were normal considering the dual star configuration we had with the current white sun and its twin, the cold blue light sun that used to be shining bright in the sky on this planet, keeping our world in daylight all the time and leaving no room for the night. The removal of the blue light sun is why we now have got a period of darkness, where the blue light sun used to shine. A reminiscent of the humanoid races that took over our reality field a very long time ago, and their geoengineering with the purpose of creating a "cycle" of night and day (sleeping time and working time). All for the purpose of multiple use of the template and energy system connected to each human vessel, having been re-engineered by the humanoid overtaking races, to make the most of what they had concurred to fit the needs of their own systems, exploiting our worlds and its races to do so. 

Australia is perfect for tapping into these old human races and how they used to exist here. The nature is pretty much the same, so the imprint of these races is trapped in the fields of Australia and ready to be read by the ones being bestowed with the gift of field reading. 

The Blue Mountains hold both the awe of the aboriginals, knowing that they were entering sacred space, which - for them of course - was the remnant ghost imprints of the original human races wandering the woods and trails being used by the aboriginals, treading the same pathways as the first humanities.

Newer history is also present in the energy fields around us. A walk around the Narrabeen Lagoon present the imprint from either an adjacent dimension or the imprint of a different slice of history than we have been told. An old British-American-Japanese military camp utilized to train soldiers able to battle known and unknown enemies. 

As far as the lines of Allies or enemies in the set-up of second world war, I would claim that history is not what we have been told. A further investigation of the site might bring about new information about what really went on, as in reading the field and the layers of information in it. For sure an idea for a day in the sun with the purpose of altering human history to its alternate or perhaps its true and correct version.