The Slam Effect

The slam effect is in essence when a template repair sequence gets back on its original course. This will happen more and more frequently as our reality resets to its original default settings, and the overall system begins to self-repair. These slam effect sequences will thus become part of our progression work and understanding of how the inner and outer worlds are interconnected, and affect each other. Things can change over night once the slam effect kicks in.

The Deeper Sciences
Our reality is built up of holographic-energetic-consciousness streams that unfold into realities within a collective time matrix; first as potentials, then as possibilities and eventually defined by their probability rate. 

A Matrix is to be understood as a multi-density grid structure detected by current science as the quantum grid and it will be more understood once they get to the bottom of what entanglement truly is - its not about non-locality or the connection between distant versions of the atomic structure but the all-in-one connection there is between all holographic-energy points in our universe. These all-in-one points are connected energetically via the type of consciousness running in that quadrant of the collective universal grid. The grids work similar to a network of neurons.

Our brain is built upon the same holographic-energetic grid structure to be able to link up once it fires the correct form of density energies, which connect the neurons in the brain to the different reality networks and their cluster societies. We just need to shift the brain networks from running on electromagnetic energy back into its multi-density set up, and that is what our progression work is about - to get back into the highly interconnected human consciousness with other worlds, inner and outer.

In that process, we learn how the brain is not just about human body functions, which is the lower order function, but has a higher order system to it. I am not just talking about the past realities, we have been part of and their potential futures these uncleared levels will lead to, but the actual true worlds that exist "out there" in other forms of energy. Of course we need to build up the momentum in the brain to be able to expand our perception field into these realities, including being able to operate within the holographic-energetic realities.

Read this article - image below is from that article.

The probability rate is manifested into physicality by its action potential, i.e. the strength it has energetically within the time matrix. The probability rate can be interfered with as it "descends" from its potential state to its possibility state and there prevent it from manifesting into reality (the outer collective field of energy) as it was supposed to, or it will manifest but in a distorted way.

If the original potential of expressed consciousness and energy, initiated into a play out from the original full human template, has been interfered with from an outer force, such as the Greys or other alien intervention messing around with the original probability and possibility by the use of technology, interference fields, code sheet adjustment etc, the template will correct itself when the correct energies are available in the collective time matrix. 

This happens because the sequence needs to be played out to complete the process of the template regeneration and the re-looping or the slam effect back into the original timeline, generated by our template to restore itself, will then create the slam effect in inner and outer events.

As the slam effect unfolds, all that deviated from the original play out will be adjusted over a very short period of time like a full round-up connecting all the distorted nodal points of the progression spiral to the correct sequence potentials, and there adjust the distortions as quickly as possible.

This will for the ones being able to detect this, feel as a huge shift, a wobble, and looking at it with the inner sight, all loose ends are being adjusted and tied up. All the distortions will be pushed to the surface to allow for the template regenesis. 

All depending on the template potentials and viable genetics, this will happen quickly or over a period of time. In other words, our personal world can change over night and we wont even know why. 

For us, doing the template reconstruction, these slam up events are very important to work with, taking out the time of our daily tasks to ensure that we clear out with the flow of energy, assisting in getting the distortions out of the way.