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The Slam Effect

Abstract The slam effect is in essence when a template repair sequence gets back on its original course. This will happen more and more frequently as our reality resets to its original default settings, and the overall system begins to self-repair. These slam effect sequences will thus become part of our progression work and understanding of how the inner and outer worlds are interconnected, and affect each others. Things can change over night once the slam effect kicks in.
The Deeper Sciences Our reality is built up of holographic-energetic-consciousness streams that unfold into realities within a collective time matrix; first as potentials, then as possibilities and eventually defined by their probability rate. 
A Matrix is to be understood as a multi-density grid structure detected by current science as the quantum grid and it will be more understood once they get to the bottom of what entanglement truly is - its not about non-locality or the connection between distant versions of th…